The Target Audience

Students in career and technical schools, work-related high school classes, alternative high school students, and special education classes.

Businesses who employ a large number of entry-level workers and community groups that deal with the underserved will also find this program very valuable.

While these modules are primarily designed for young people under 25, virtually any entry-level worker will find them valuable.

How to Use the Program

  • The Workplace Financial modules can be used as part of an existing workplace readiness program. You can use one FoolProof module, or all of them, depending upon the topics you wish to cover.

  • The modules can be used independently of other training.

  • Most of the program can be used in a self-directed format which allows users to work through the program on their own.


  • We provide you web access to a stand-alone introductory module, five main modules and two "homework" modules.

  • The homework modules can also be done in a classroom situation.

  • Three of the modules take the average user about 45 minutes to one hour to complete.

  • Two of the modules may encompass two classroom sessions.

  • Students can work at their own pace with all the modules—and you can monitor an individual student or the entire class from your computer.

Turnkey Instruction

FoolProof provides you many tools which make this program virtually turnkey.

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